What 3×1 Have for Men

In the fashion world, the styling needs of men tend to get overlooked by the dominance of women’s fashion. However, as a designer, Scott Morrison knows how to create amazing denim jeans. And asa man, Morrison knows how to do this for both genders.

Designer jeans for women 3×1 are ethically produced and high quality denim products. They all manufactured on site at the retail store in the Soho district of New York City. In fact, upon visiting the store, one can actually see the workers sewing away out back through the transparent glass wall that separates store from factory.

Ultimately, this all means that when anyone, regardless of gender, invests in a pair of jeans from 3×1, they are going to invest in something good. Morrison has a large line of denim products available for men.


Some of the products available for men include the following.

Core Collection

Here men can bulk up their staple wardrobe with a selection of high quality yet simple and effective jeans. Some of the options here include:

– M3 Slim Straight Woodlands

– M5 Low Rise Slim

– M4 Low Rise Straight Indy 3D

– M4 Low Rise Straight


The range of jeans offer a plethora of options for men, who may often feel like they have such little variety at other stores. These jeans come in a range of colors and shades, from indigo and navy, and white to grey. There are plenty of styling options to extend the wardrobe.

 – M3 Slim Straight Vector

– M4 Low Rise Straight Indy 3D

– M5 Low Rise Skinny Black No. 5

– Special Edition M5 Low Rise Slim Natural Indigo

– M3 Slim Straight Military Green

– M3 Slim Straight Plum

– M3 Slim Straight Jewel


Shirts and Jackets

It’s not just bottoms that Morrison has in stock, but also stylish shirts and jackets for men. This means that shopping with 3×1 can really be a one-stop adventure with all the clothing needs available. Some of the great shirts and jackets on offer include:

– Spread Collar Shirt Indigo Weaver

-Popover Short Sleeve Shirt Crisp White Poplin

– Spread Collar Shirt Crisp White Poplin


There are plenty more options for men in store and online. Remember that investing in a pair of 3×1 jeans means you’ll have a quality and comfortable piece of clothing for years to come. These are the perfect wardrobe essential to invest in.